November 2020

November 2020 Newsletter


There is a saying: “When the cat is away, the mice will play!

When we came to the USA last December for a (3-month furlough), we took a risk – to let the Come Go WIth US staff continue serving the people of Zambia in our absence.  We had begun to train them on various aspects of the ministry where we discovered their unique passion for sharing the Gospel with their own people and their ability to learn various skills rather quickly.  It was a joy to teach them how to do certain things; driving, administration, visitation, training, Bible Studies, managing BUSH TRIPS on their own, taking photos and video, and editing them to make “great” movies, etc.  But not only that – they took the “bull by the horns” and continue to this day – to explore new vistas and develop new angles at presenting the Gospel…on their own…to their own people.

We had no idea that our trip home would last more than a year…nor did we realize the integrity that our staff truly possessed.  We were always proud of their consistent work. But, I would have never thought they were ready to take the helm and “drive that bus” with such care and responsibility.

“Mr. & Mrs. CAT are truly amazed and thankful for our “special” guys and gals in Zambia.

Notable accomplishments for the month of November in Zambia by our staff:

  • Several students have graduated from our 36 month Bible Training program – many are beginning discipleship training to train others and lead them through the same Bible Training.  Each one of them got to chat with Ken in America via ZOOM.
  • We assisted with Trinadah in the distribution of “Rocket Stoves” to the people of Mukalahani VIllage.
  • We have discovered a need for a Bore Hole (well) in the village of Masizi.  Their only source of water is to dig a hole and “pan” for the clear water that sifts through the sand in the walls of the shallow pit.  Masizi is one of our church/villages in ZIMKO.
  • Over time our home base (the guesthouse) can get a bit “littered” from the wind and people passing by tossing trash irresponsibly around our grounds.  The guys sent us some photos of a new monthly project – “All Hands On Deck Cleanup Day”.  The whole staff goes around picking up trash and cleaning the tents, sleeping bags, vehicles, and windows, etc. A big surprise came with more photos of a “grounds improvement project” they initiated at our entrance – planting a nice array of Sisle plants and new grass that we have in abundance about the property.
  • The Good news Club continues to remain strong with an average of 400-500 children on the weekends.  Social distancing is still in effect but is becoming less of a problem.  Zambia continues to do very well in this pandemic.  (Only 357 deaths out of 20,000,000 people nationwide thus far)
  • Bertha and Nono are still managing the Bible Studies with the women and girls of Maloni.  Howard and Brighton are showing much growth in their Bible Studies in Maloni and especially in the village of Mukalahani where the whole village participates in the “Men’s Bible Study”.
  • The Kabondo Church reconstruction has begun.  The foundation has been dug and the materials for pouring the footings and erecting the walls are on hand at the building site.

Please continue to pray for the challenges that confront our staff and

Come Go With Us

every day!


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