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SPOTLIGHT: Birthday Girl, Karen Buckner

15 years on the mission field - She still looks great!
A friend to the aged.
A friend to nature.
A friend to the youth of Zambia.
Beloved by our staff.
Beloved by "Too Many" kids to count!!
A great mentor to our Interns.
Still kinda CRAZY!
You gotta help me convince her that we DO NOT need any more children!!!

Howard Libindo and Maxx

These two are inseparable!

CGWU Staff making it happen!

Michael driving home a point at a Bible Study.
Howard, Collins, and Bernard keeping us in high spirits - all the time!
Collins beginning to build his family.
Dominic is a "Godsend" talented as a welder...and so necessary around here as we build the Intern Village.
Gift and crew restarting the Mukuni Bible Study.
Novich keeps our place looking like a beautiful oasis.

A little bit of culture!

Pastor Gift and his wife Deophister had their second child.  In Zambian culture the baby shower comes after the fact.  And, I’ll bet you have never been to a baby shower like this – ever!

Just don't even ask??
One reason for "after the fact" is so each lady can take turns holding the baby and sometimes go nuts - tossing the baby up in the air and then catching him/her again. Don't ask about that either???

Staff appreciation!

These guys and gals work so hard – doing everything we ask them with absolutely ZERO “push-back”.  I wish I could double their pay.  At least we can invite them into this nice place they helped build for a nice time of their favorite Hungry Lion chicken and fries, a Fanta Orange, some video games and a lot of fun playing games they have never seen before.

That man in the hat on the back row is one proud Papa.

Restarting the Good News Club!

While we still wait patiently for the Title Deed to be issued for the new ministry property, we decided to make sure the Good News children did not think they had been forgotten.  Almost 500 of them showed up at the school soccer field to hear what our new plans are.  They were blessed with a great time of reassuring, singing, and a good lesson.  Following the session on a very hot day, they all enjoyed a “Freeze Pop” on their way back home.

A by-product of the drought.

Along with the drought comes the dreaded “Load Shedding” – electricity rationing. In our case no power for 8-12 hours each day.  Yes, we have generators (thanks to our faithful supporters – 2 of them which allows us to alternate between the two to minimize stress since they will have to work very hard – every day – until at least December.)  So, we have dusted off the solar panels and are installing a 3rd system into the mix.  This is all very costly.  We are spending a minimum of $30 each day on deisel, servicing, and maintenance…and hoping nothing fails as it will be very expensive to fix any of these vital systems.  Right now, we need to purchase 4 more solar panels and more batteries – costing many hundreds of dollars.

Robert gets a job and gets saved!


Robert came to work for us recently and started attending the regular Tuesday morning Staff Devotions.  He soon came to us with some deep questions.  So, after some consultation and prayers, he told us his questions were answered, his confusion clarified, and he now believes his security in Heaven is sealed.  Then we gave him his first real Bible.  

Thank you, Harry Caldwell for donating that special family heirloom that once belonged to your sweetheart…who no longer needs it in Heaven.

...which reminds me...

It is time for our 2024 CGWU Bible Drive

It is time, once again, to gather up all those (NEW OR GENTLY USED)extra Bibles lying around collecting dust…those left behind in the pews of your church…or just go out and buy a bunch of Bibles and send them in a drum to us here in this place where one in 50 actually have a Bible they can read.

Look for our 2024 Bible Drive to crank up any day now..



Ken & Karen