We go out into the BUSH 2-3 times each month. Come,Travel With Us and help us share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by sponsoring a BUSH TRIP. $500 covers the cost of fuel, food for the people, materials, camping gear and supplies and the cost of running the vehicle. Come Go With Us vicariously through the sponsorship of a BUSH TRIP.

THE BUSH is where the “rubber hits the road”.

The Zambians are hungry for the WORD and eager to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal Savior…IF…someone will go there and tell them. By sponsoring a BUSH TRIP, you become the engine that takes us there. Your sponsorship provides the fuel, the food for the people, the camping gear, the maintenance and repairs on the vehicle, the Bibles, the chickens, the goats, the training materials and many other things we use to share LOVE and THE WORD. By sponsoring a BUSH TRIP, you are riding with us along the countryside as villages, people, the children and a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds and smells pass by our windows…you sit with us around the camp fire while we attempt to communicate and share life with the Zambian people…and your encouragement inspires us to be BOLD in our testimony and OBEDIENT in sharing the TRUTH. But, most of all, you have the honor of celebrating with us…as we pray for and hold the hands of new brothers and sisters who come to the faith as a result of your contribution to their salvation. Your SPONSORSHIP serves as the catalyst that allows us to go…and the confirmation – that sweet confirmation that helps us get up in the morning knowing that our needs are still being met…and we are still in HIS WILL! THE BUSH TRIP is a BUCKET LIST opportunity that we offer to you as we invite you to Come Go With Us!