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January 2024

Resting In USA!

…or we should say “RESIDING” in USA. – havn’t seen all that much rest yet???

CGWU has been a part of Cliffdale Community Church for 13 years.
Speaking at Mineral Springs Baptist Church in Roanoke, Va.
Cliffdale Community Church
Tilly Swamp Baptist Church in South Carolina with long-time friends, Scott and Deana Altman.

Mission Team "BOOT CAMP" with CCC in Fayetteville, NC.

Getting skilled at setting up camp.
Learning to make and teach how to make a ROCKET STOVE.
Wilderness "port-a-potty" being perfected.

Reunion time with Palmetto Shores Church team.

Pastor Ronny and Gail Byrd's house...
...decorated for Christmas - hosting the team.
Kyle Stewart chillin' at the reunion...later accepting the invitation to serve as Treasurer on our Board of Directors.

Lots of wonderful visits with old and new friends. 

Newsprint Church small group at the Jensen's house.
Peace Presbyterian Women's class.
Jeff Jensen and his pet giraffe.
Hanging with my Mom and my sister, Jill in Savannah, Ga.
How to end up in Heaven without a single clue why???
...and this is how they would celebrate???
North Conway Baptist Church family.
Tilly Swamp Baptist Church family.
Palmetto Shores Church family.
January "DRUM" shipment and a few other items we can't get here without "mortgaging the farm"...
Tons of school supplies...
We put out a call for items for the Good News Club store...and the "Pencil Granny's" and a few others did. not the tune of over 8 drums full....and this is just a "drop in the drum"!!!

These are my new friends, Loretta Barrell and her dad, (I forgot his name???) from Loris, SC. She and her father sell us the drums we use to ship items to Zambia.  He is a retired WWII vet.  I visited him twice to buy drums…and both times he nearly cried as he pleaded with me to just come visit some time and have a chat.  I wish I could go see him today???  So, If anybody in the Loris, SC. area feels lead to help me fulfill my promise to visit my new friend on my behalf…I would be grateful.  I know where he lives.  He recently lost his bride of 40 plus years and is very lonely.  He has a very restricted diet, but,  he loves Diet Mountain Dew.  He reminds me of my Mom, who is by herself…and of me, perhaps, at some point in my future…or anyone else who is older and alone.  Please, let’s not forget them…and “TAKE THE TIME”!!!

Meanwhile, back at the Zambia...

Evans, our new electrician, installing ceiling fans in our bedroom.
Bertha making sure the "Big Five" rug is spotless.
That's Tripod in the middle of the weekly Staff Bible Study. Recon Tripod asked for prayers for another leg???
The kitchen waiting on Karen's touch.
And this is our master bedroom...Whew!!! when we get back, I don't think anyone will be throwing themselves on the bed for a quick nap....
Howard doing his part cutting the grass.
That is "Uncle Sam" cutting the grass...Yes, that is his name!
Lookin' good, Lewis!!!

Ministry Outreach...

The guys took a trip out to ZIMKO to meet with the church association to choose new leadership for the new session.

 This is George Kashongo's program and he is training others.
This is a very important step - reducing the tire's pressure to a "ridiculously" low level to protect the vehicle from rattling to pieces on the long "washboard" road to ZIMKO. We once had a very nice 12 volt portable "off-road" tire pump headed our way from USA to Zambia, but, it got side-tracked in customs at JFK where it was confiscated...
George is one of those guys who never meets a stranger.
Encouraging the ZIMKO pastors.
There is a whole lot of love and history in this photo!!!
Taking cue from the older ones how to study...

A touch of Home!

Collins accepts position as CGWU Sports Director - Football (soccer)
Evans accepts position of full time electrician.
Cleaning up around the base is a never ending job.
...and Collins gets his first born son, Jedediah.

January is a cold month in USA…and still part of the hot rainy season in Zambia.  IT is a pleasure to be able to relax a bit knowing that the guys and gals in Zambia are holding down the fort in a trust-worthy way.    What a BLESSING!

Come, Go With Us in 2024!




Ken & Karen