Zambian Pastor Sponsorship

Our pastors work very hard to be effective, accountable, and diligent in sharing the Gospel to the lost in Zambia.  Most of them are “subsistence” farmers or have some kind of job to make ends meet.  We are asking that you prayerfully consider sponsoring a pastor to help him put food on the table and to assist in putting their children through school.  All Zambian children have to pay for their education with tuition, books, calculators, supplies, and school uniforms.

  • The estimated cost of 1 year in grades 1-9 is $50/year
  • The estimated cost of 1 year in grades 10-12 is $100/year
  • The estimated cost of college for 1 year is $750/yr

Pastor Francic began working with Come Go With Us in 2015.  He pastors 4 different churches and travels to all of them every month either by foot, bicycle or taxi.  He has 5 children and the 2 oldest have been accepted in college.  Please consider sponsoring him by helping put food on his table or assisting with his children’s school fees.

Pastor Levy lives and ministers primarily in the Western Province of Zambia – about 50 miles from our base.  His church is in the border town of Kazungula where he travels among a half-dozen other church plants as a visiting pastor and mentor. He has been a faithful Christian and pastor since he was in his teens and is one of the most dedicated pastors we know.

Pastor Dablet Busenga is the pastor of the Luyaba Baptist Church in ZIMKO.  He serves as Secretary of the Pastors Committee and is a great asset during our evangelism outreach.