Katcheyakantu Church

It was about 2016 when we first learned about Katcheyakantu.  They had been meeting under this tree for some time regularly on Sunday mornings in numbers averaging over 75.

Over these years we have watched them continue to use this same location as their local church.

Recently, the Daumit family reached out to offer funding to build a church for them. So, it was with great pleasure that we announced to the Katcheyakantu people on a recent visit to their village that they would soon be worshiping inside a building that will keep out the rain and other in-climate weather.

To the Daumit family, from the heartfelt gratitude of the entire membership of the Kaceyakantu church…



The church has been provided for by the gracious donation of the Daumit family.  But, there is still more work to do in order for the Kaceyakantu church to thrive.  We must continue to visit them to encourage and train and provide necessary resources like Gospel tracks, Bibles, and other training materials.  Prayerfully consider sponsoring a BUSH TRIP to Kaceyakantu CLICK HERE!

In addition, a Bore Hole with a hand pump would be amazing for them.  The nearest water is many kilometers away and it is not very clean – (looks like milk).  The cost of getting clean drinking water would be around $5,000 to $8,000.  To donate a Bore Hole for Kaceyakantu, CLICK HERE!

I have been impressed with the people of Kaceyakantu since the first day I met with them in 2016.  They have a genuine love and respect for the Bible’s teachings and a hunger for more understanding.  So many churches in the Bush only know to hold out their hands for whatever we can bring to them.  The Kaceyakantu people are willing to take what we teach them and put it into practice.  Please pray that they can continue to survive…and to thrive.

“Don’t withhold good from someone who deserves it, when it is in your power to do so.” Proverbs 3:27

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Ken & Karen Buckner