Kelly Furlong

When you want to serve on the mission field but, you’re not “necessarily” called to preach!

Maybe you find your calling is to use the gifts God gave you to help those without those same gifts do their job better.

Kelly Furlong is a seasoned mechanic and a follower of Jesus Christ.  His first love…and his gifting are in mechanics.  He is a seasoned professional in auto-mechanics and general overall technical “stuff”.  He is a pilot and an IT expert.

Here in Zambia, good mechanics are few, and breakdowns and worn-out vehicles are many.  We spend a tremendous amount of money keeping our vehicles running on these “horrible” roads.  Many of them are simply cow paths meandering through the bush where we are forced to travel over very rough terrain to reach our evangelism destinations.  Even in town, the roads are bad and destructive to automobiles.  Over the past years, our vehicles spend far too much time in garages.

George Kashongo is on our staff and is charged with keeping our vehicles in good shape.  He graduated from LIBES College a couple of years ago.  With his raw skills and Kelly’s wise counsel, the two of them spent the past month refurbishing and servicing all of our vehicles, generators, chainsaws, weed eaters, etc.  Together they have developed a service and tracking system to improve on our ability to – hopefully – keep these vehicles on the road more…and in the garages less.

Kelly was a huge help last month and has offered to come back again next year for a follow-up visit.  Hopefully, he will find we have spent much less $$$ on our hurting vehicles…and they will have remained in great shape.

Thanks Again, KELLY!

If you have a skill set and it does not necessarily fit within the usual structure of foreign missions as a teacher or a preacher or an evangelist…chances are, God has a need for those skills; somewhere; on some mission field; where those who are serving there are struggling in your area of expertise.  Jesus called ALL OF US to go and share the good news. Repairing the vehicles that the preacher uses to reach the people is just as important as the message he delivers.  Who knows, there may just be a need for you to come work with us here in beautiful Zambia.  Your area of expertise just might be what we are desperate for here!

Come, Go With Us?


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