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October Newsletter 2023

It is Hot Season in Zambia!

…but that does not stop the children from having a BLAST!

(FYI: October in Zambia is the hottest month of the year – with highs in the upper 90’s to 110’s and Lowes in the 70’s at night)

As the 2023 season is nearing a lull…the ministry at CGWU is heating up.

  • The Indiana Wesleyan University Nursing team spent a week at our base as they transitioned from studying for 6 weeks at the Macha Mission to another 6 weeks at the Zimba Clinic.
  • The Church Of Life celebrated Pastor Appreciation Day for Pastor Gift Musantu.
  • The church construction for the Kacheyakantu congregation was completed.
  • The CGWU staff are faithfully continuing the weekly Tuesday morning devotions…please, let’s pray for this program!
  • Final touches on the new guesthouse are being completed.

Indiana Wesleyan University School Of Nursing

Then, one of our staff thinks he was bitten by a snake (or a scorpion – we really don’t know???) Did he?  Perhaps, so the American nurses might be willing to tend to his wound??

 BTW, this is the first time we have known of anyone (possibly) getting bit in our 15 years…and the ER doctor was quite sure it was not a snake…but it makes for a cool tale…

FYI, Yes, it is wild Africa…but I think there are far more snakes in Florida than where we are.  Sometimes we see them…but not very often…and then, they just run away.

Pastor Gift getting blessed by the Church Of Life children on Pastor Appreciation Day.

The people of Kacheyakantu get their first church building.

Please, continue to pray for our staff that they may have the strength and the grace to weather the storms of the enemy – that are real.

Weekly devotionals with Come Go With Us staff…Join with us in prayer every Tuesday morning at 1 AM USA Eastern time – 8 AM Zambia time.

The new place!

After years of pouring into a house/property that we never succeeded in buying, a new place was gifted to us that is so much better.  The grounds are 500% larger…The house is 25% larger and it has much more potential than anything we could have imagined…and it is paid for.  We had the opportunity to take a partially unfinished 4000 sq. ft. home and make it a new home base/guesthouse that will serve small and large teams for many years to come.  When the construction is completely finished we will do a video review.  This year there are many teams already booked and they will be staying with us at the new location.

Thank you for your prayers.




Ken & Karen