May 2023 Newsletter

May was all about CONSTRUCTION!!!

The time has come for us to relocate.  Our home base for the past 10 years is not for sale and our lease will be up in November.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our time here, but we must move on to our next chapter.  Last year a new opportunity was presented to us. It was a fabulous land with a partially finished 4000 square foot house.  The price was out of range, but the sellers were persistent… and after many negotiations and significant price reductions a reasonable opportunity became a reality.  A generous donor purchased the property and has allowed Come Go With Us to make this beautiful property our new home.


We began in earnest following our return to Zambia in March.  In May we began to see the new home for CGWU begin to emerge.  A construction friend from Shadow Mountain Church in San Diego told us that God was inspiring him to come help us so, Don Page flew to Zambia on May 1 to begin his ministry…and WOW, what a blessing he is!  He plans to remain in this role until his team comes to visit this coming July.  His expertise in cabinet making, door installation, locks, and a plethora of other unique skills puts him in the perfect position to be the spark plug that will propel this project to on-time completion.  We welcome Don and thank his wife Dawn for loaning him to this special need at this very busy time.

I had to post this!

God has really blessed us by putting some amazing talented Zambians in our path.  I met a Zambian electrician several years ago and he has always demonstrated superior workmanship.  I would put him alongside of any electrician I ever came in contact with.  This electrical panel box COULD look like a jumbled “spaghetti” mess.  He really takes his time.  He is thourough and never makes a mistake.  That is rare around here!!!

We celebrated Mother’s Day in Zambia

Shay Thornton returned with a team from Mount Olive Baptist Church in Georgia for her 7th visit to Zambia.


On Safari with some new and old friends.

Had to post this!

The African Malachite Kingfisher is very rare and very difficult to capture.

They are skiddish and not easy to approach.  But – for some reasopn – this little guy decided to pose for me at a distance of about 3 feet.  First he posed on a branch about 8 feet away, then came much closer to provide a most amazing opportunity to get a very special shot…and for about 10 minutes.  Thank You, Sir!  And Thank You, God for taking the time to bless me with this spceial rare treat!

A delecacy at the grocery store!

The Good News Club never dissappoints.


To all those who participated in helping us raise the funds needed to upgrade our capabilities of getting around in the bush.  This 2020 Toyota Landcruiser is a great find and not possible without your valued support.

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Ken & Karen Buckner