May 2022 Newsletter

May 2022 Newsletter

Summer TEAMS have begun!



Nursing students from Indiana Wesleyan University School of Nursing made their 7th trip to visit us here at CGWU.  This time they partnered with Zambian nursing students at the Livingstone Nursing School  working in several rural clinics where they witnessed and participated first hand the nursing practices and general cultural differences in American and Zambian nursing.


Mid May was shopping day at the Good News Club.  It is a joy to have the opportunity to share the goods that YOU provide with these deserving children.  It is impossible to adequately thank all of YOU who donated these items that have become “PRIZED POSSESSIONS”!

Prison Outreach

A delegation from the State Prison System – including the national Head Chaplin – visited us to show their appreciation for the ministry efforts that CGWU has been providing.  You have donated for “security bars for the chapel, 1000 rolls of toilet paper when they were out, some mattresses, etc.  But mostly, Michael has been faithful to provide spiritual encouragement and the Gospel every Sunday.  They tell us that the morale inside the prison is changing in correspondence with the Bible training and evangelism that they have seen.  This is a tremendous ministry field.

The Come Go With Us CHURCH OF LIFE

is in the beginning stages of completion.  The land has been acquired and we have begun putting up the fencing and the first of the containers.  All funding has been received and we look forward to the first service in late June.

All of our staff dreams of visiting America.  Would you consider sponsoring one or two of them…or “all” of them next year???


Ken & Karen Buckner



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