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February 2024

Getting ready to head back to Zambia!

Doing all they can to stay awake in the airport..Notice the clothing! These dudes have no clue what is waiting for them in Africa???
All packed up...zipped up...locked and loaded!

Last few visits this furlough in USA 2023/24.

Pleasant Meadow Church Family
Finding old friends at new locations...
Hills Creek Baptist Church in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Mountain Springs Baptist Church

Wayne and Connie Rape of MSBC are the greatest of hosts. When God blesses...He blesses!
...and their son, Jared Rape - who served as an intern with us a few years back - with his wonderful family.
Mom traveled with us to MSBC and won the prize for the Valentines party.
...having a serious chat about something???

Meet the Shokes family – long time friends and supporters.

Mabry and Joy Shokes with Ken & Karen and an appreciation plaque they received from us in 2011.
The Shokes family hosting an informal informational meeting at their home for a future mission team.
Karen & Joy.

Great new friends of Come Go With Us.

Terry & Jennifer Egan joined the efforts to support CGWU this year....and turned out to be great neighbors this past winter while we were in the states.
...and she says she is not a dog lover??? But who could not love Charlotte?

Please pray for our shipments.

We have Zambia...

The mice have played long enough.  It is time for the cats to come home!

So, when we left USA it was about 40 degrees...when we arrived in Johannesburg it was over 90 degrees...and when we landed in Livingstone at nearly 100 degrees. It was so hot in Joburg that we had to ditch our winter clothes and get tee shirts. What an eye opener. WHEW...we were not expecting that??? Turns out Zambia is suffering a severe drought and heat wave - very unusual for this time of year.


On arriving at the Livingstone airport, the staff greeted us with a cool drink of water and a surprise birthday gift – since my birthday always falls while we are in USA.  I could not open it for 3 days.  When we did open it, we discovered they had gifted us with a mini vacation right here in Livingstone.  It was an African River Safari with dinner in the wild and many animals to photograph.


Very tired from our travels, but blessed to have such good friends who go the extra kilometer...

Crankin' things back up!

The Church Of Life is still going strong and growing.
The Church Of Life "TEENS" competed with each other and Karen's team won.

2024 is no longer "LOOMING"...its HERE!

With +/- 10 mission teams planning to visit us and a half dozen interns scheduled throughout the year, our work is cut out for us…We have plans for at least 15 or more Youth Soccer MINISTRY Tournaments (partially funded).  Many BUSH TRIPS are scheduled (funded).  Getting the Good News Structure built is a top priority (not yet funded).  The new church will begin construction as soon as the paperwork for the Title Deed arrives – any day now (Fully funded).  The Intern Village is being built (but, only half funded),  We have the staff and the helpers we have been praying for.  We love hosting mission teams and the participation they provide to the ministry.  This year we have our first official Medical Mission Team of doctors (Zambia is finally allowing medical missions without crippling regulations). These guys and gals are bringing in over $25,000 in medical supplies and medicines.  All of our outreach programs, Bible studies, and training ministries are running on all cylinders.  We feel blessed, equipped and motivated.  There is still room for you to

Come Go With Us!


Ken & Karen and the entire staff!