June 2023 Newsletter

We are seeing more of Steven lately.

Steven came to us as a driver.  He has proved to be reliable and a true asset to CGWU.  If you come here you will most likely encounter this gentle giant.  And, how comforting to know that he is in your corner.

We thought May was busy…..??? But, June was CRAZY!!!

Shay’s team arrived in May and departed in June – leaving a legacy of love and respect for the Zambian people.  They joined my best friend Tim Baird and his wife for 2 weeks of ministry and African fun.  Will Taylor and his family also joined us in June for much-needed R&R and assisting in the ministry of CGWU.


New to Come Go With Us this year was a team from Columbia International University.  Debi Lammert brought a team of nursing professionals and students to gain hands-on experience working in a 3rd world country in the nursing field.

Sometimes there is not an immediate need for your donations.  But God knows the upcoming situations and prompts some of you to contribute.  Last month some elephants found the borehole (water well) in Mukalahani irresistible.  They played around with it until they BROKE it.  It may have been fun and games for the elephants, but to the Mukalahani people, it was a disaster.  The next nearest source of clean water is miles away.  We have worked with this village for over 5 years and they have NEVER asked for anything.  But this time was different and they came to us for help.  Not knowing how…but knowing that Larry Roth’s ministry – OMC Water – is focused on repairing boreholes in Zambia.  He offered his main man to install a new hand pump and we purchased the equipment.  Thanks to you, we had the resources to get them back in the business of pumping clean drinking water in less than a week of downtime.


In 2008, Karen and I joined a Palmetto Shores Church mission team to visit Zambia.  It was on that trip that we surrendered to the mission field.  In 2011 I was ordained by the church and they commissioned us as full-time missionaries to Zambia.  Since then we have dreamed about the time they would send a team from PSC to visit us and work beside us in this effort.  This year (2023) that day finally came.  Pastor Ronny Byrd had the opportunity to preach in the church they helped build.  The women worked with our ladies in Malone and the men hosted a pastor’s conference in Zimko.  The whole team spend 2 days in Lwiindi hosting a soccer tournament where more than 40 young boys gave their lives to Christ.  Then, Pastor Byrd did the unthinkable – he bungee jumped off of a perfectly good bridge and plummeted nearly 400 feet – surviving a bucket list dream.  It was a thrill to host our home church – Palmetto Shores Church.


Come Go With Us Sports Ministry

is gaining momentum.

We started talking about Youth Sports Ministry in 2019.  Covid-19 stopped us in our tracks.  This year we renewed our efforts to purposely put on multiple tournaments.  Thus far we have held 8 events and have seen a consistent yield of approximately 30-50% salvations among the players and coaches.  The field is immense as all Zambians (children and adults alike…men and women) love this game.  Utilizing that enthusiasm coupled with the Gospel message is proving to be very fruitful.  PLEASE, CONSIDER coming to help.  Bring your youth/sports-minded athletes and interested individuals to be the catalysts of these tournaments.  This is the easiest and most fruitful evangelism I have seen.  God is blessing and opening doors in the minds and hearts of these players…WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

I told you June was busy.

Lord, help us in July…

The first 2 weeks will be 2 teams with a total of 50 people…


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Ken & Karen Buckner