July 2023 Newsletter

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1st Anniversary…BITTERSWEET!

First, the SWEET part.

Now, for the bitter part…

In spite of our best efforts, the CGWU Church of Life has hit a snag.  It seems that a certain “unscrupulous” Zambian person has hatched a plan to extort $1/4 million from CGWU.  Using the broken “title deed” system and his connections within the higher levels of government, he was able to produce an official title deed to our church property.  The process in Zambia for land given by the chief is to rely on a letter from that chief assuring the recipient that the property is the Chief’s to give and it has not been given before.  The common advice is that a letter from the Chief is as good as gold.  We chose to begin construction on the strength of that letter.  MY BAD!

We have now discovered that is NOT always the case. As we were awaiting our official title deed to be processed – a process that takes a very long time in Zambia – a “presumably” fake title deed was presented to a judge and we were summoned to respond.

The bottom line:

After mediation, the holder of the “deed in question” offered to destroy the document for $250,000 – saying in court that he knew we were rich and he was going to get his share.

FYI: IT IS NOT A RACIST THING!  In Africa, the color of your skin is a perceived indicator of your wealth.  White skin means great wealth…to some.

The Chief was angry and offered the man a double-sized portion of land in exchange – He refused.

We refused to pay the man $250,000 and were told we had to vacate the premises by August 19, 2023. We have done that.

Then, the chief offered to give us the same “double-sized” portion of land as a token of his apology to us.  We accepted.

We are now waiting until we have a CLEAR TITLE to the new land in our name to proceed.

During the month of July, we vacated the premises.

In the meantime, the Church Of Life goes on.

Clinging to the scripture in Genesis 20:50,  As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good..

we are already seeing some of the “good” beginning to emerge.

Please help us pray for God’s provident direction to continue to guide us through this season of difficuty.

…in other news…

3 mission teams visited us in July:

Renovation Church – St. Joseph, Mo.

Shadow Mountain Church – San Diego, CA.

North Conway Baptist Church – Conway SC

July was a powerful month of activities.  Construction projects, The Good News Club, the Church of Life excitement, and The youth sports ministry began to shine. We had women’s conferences a pastor’s conference, bush trips, prison ministry, building new church buildings, etc.

Pastors Conference 2023

Women’s Conference 2023

Construction – The New Base

The Teams

Football in July

Please, pray for this new ministry.  It is taking off and only God knows where it will go.

Youth Projects

The Good News Club Store




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Ken & Karen Buckner