August 2022 Newsletter

August 2022 Newsletter


There is no Gender-Confusion in nature! Boys are boys and girls are girls…and they know the difference!!!

…and we thought July was busy….sheesh!!


Come Go With Us Church of Life in Maloney

  • Phase I is complete.  the building is finished and services have started.  The septic tank and drain field is almost completed.  Other ministries have also begun, The Good News Club, Alcoholics Anonymous, Saturday Women’s Bible Study, and Sunday Men’s Bible Study.  We are completely solar powered; the PA system, security lights, electric fence, and lights for the church.  We will soon begin the skills center and discipleship outreach.

  • Phase II will begin in 2023 with the construction of men’s and women’s toilets, a bore-hole (water well), and the addition of electric service.

  • Phase III – also a 2023 project – will feature building 1 or 2 soccer fields and various other facilities as needed.


  • Rich and Pam Birch visited from Myrtle Beach for 3 weeks.  They ministered in the bush and worked on several projects fixing broken things in the house and heading up the design and construction of a special push cart for Elvis.  Rich accompanied me for a 3-day trip into ZIMKO to evaluate and identify repairs and/or new church structures that are needed.

  • The Indiana Wesleyan University School of Nursing returned for an 11-week “Study Abroad'” semester where they will gain vital cultural experiences in the medical field in Zambia.

The Good News Club

  • The GNC was relocated to the new church property.  It is a bit closer, but more importantly, it is in a much safer area that has fewer chances of elephant encounters.  This allows the children to walk and saves us a “tonne” of wear-n-tear and cost using the bus and the new lorry.  The numbers have remained strong – averaging nearly 500 every Saturday.

  • The GNC Store is coming up in a couple of weeks.  While we have enough goods on hand at this present time, we will be praying for additional goods very soon.  We are looking for clothing, coats, shoes, school supplies, backpacks, etc.  Look for a campaign to gather additional goods in the near months.


  • Donna Horton returned this year to repeat her ministry efforts while helping Karen with the IWU team.  They continue to provide encouragement and ministry support to the Ladies Bible Study, The Old Folks Home, the women inmates in the prison, and other local ministries.

  • Tayler Meyers came for a 3-month visit to evaluate the possibility of a 2-year stint starting in 2023.  She recently had to pull out of Haiti where she had committed to a 2-year stint there, but the violence and the decline in personal safety forced her to return to the USA.  We are very pleased that she found an opportunity to Come Go With Us instead.  Please pray for Tayler as she makes her next commitments.


  • Ken began an early stint in the States to work with the Charity Golf Tournament and spend the next several weeks shoring up finances, updating our supporters and churches, and preparing the way for a major push towards Youth Sports Ministry – bringing in youth mission teams to come to help our staff put on Christian Soccer tournaments.  We have featured (2) tournaments thus far…and both of them resulted in 45 salvations each.  We have determined that there are literally hundreds of soccer teams in our town…”and this field is ripe for harvest”.  The local teams and (especially) the coaches are very pleased with how we run these tournaments and are clamoring for us to do much more.  We have the capacity to host 15-20 teams in a calendar year starting in 2023.

  • Karen will remain in Zambia until the IWU team departs in late November when she will return to the USA to join Ken to reconnect with family, friends, and prayer partners.





























Ken & Karen Buckner



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