August 2021 Newsletter

August 2021 Newsletter

While Ken is in the USA, Karen and Donna are holing down the fort.

Since 2014 we have hosted the Indiana Wesleyan School of Nursing juniors and seniors.

They spend their time sharing Jesus and learning their profession in a 3rd world context.

Donna strikes a deal with Enoch (one of our pastors who moonlites as a welder) to make some very nice “heavy-duty” hammers.

The North Conway Baptist Church team met the “quarry ladies” in Maloni and vowed to get them some better hammers.

Thanks to all of our determined supporters who make sure we have

plenty of goods to give-away

as we build relationships while sharing Jesus.

Michael, Karen, Donna, and our staff spent 3 days in the bush introducing Pastor Gift to the people of Njabalombe.

They taught the ladies, worked on their relationships, and shared the Gospel.

Donna has settled in like a champ!

Donna has made some life-long relationships with the Maloni Bible Study ladies.

We welcome the IWU students and faculty to our mission field.  But for a time, we bid them farewell

as they head off to the bush to spend 8 weeks learning and ministering in a rural

mission hospital environment. They will be back in November for a final week of

relaxation, debrief and a some fun with our staff…and, perhaps,

they will get to see an elephant or 2???



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