December Newsletter 2022

December 2022 Newsletter



Serenje – A new frontier?

Some ladies from Serenje – about 450 miles to our north – asked Glenda, our womans ministry leader in ZIMKO, to come teach them how to study the Bible.  They also explained that the supervising missionary in that area had retired leaving over 150 area churches and preaching points without ministry supervision and support.  They have lost all but 2 of the remaining local pastors to various disappointments, discouragement, and attrition – leaving the majority of these churches without pastors.  Most of these churches are led by deacons and other lay leaders.  They are hungry for the Gospel…and for someone to provide encouragement, ministry, pastor and discipleship training, and encouragement for their walks with Christ.

We have made several trips there in the past year to find the situation “dire” in terms of ministry assistance.  Please pray with us that:

·       others will come to help us reach these people.

·       local supervisors can be established to work with them on a daily basis.

·       a leader can emerge either from within our organization or someone called to the ministry to come join us…and assign themselves to work with these people.

·       additional funding to help us meet these many needs; ie., evangelism materials, Bibles, songbooks, teaching aids, and other ministry materials.

Mununga Church in Serenje

December evangelism trip report

                            • 4 days of teaching

                            • over 50 went out door-to-door evangelizing their neighbors

                            • 15 salvations



Meanwhile, Ken & Karen had the opportunity to hop on a plane to

come home and visit with family, friends, and churches…and to rest their bones.

The Tennessee Buckner clan

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Ken & Karen Buckner



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