April 2022 Newsletter

April 2022 Newsletter




When we arrived at our home base following our return to Zambia, we found about 50 ladies and teens form Malone all dressed up singing a welcome song for us. Tears flowed.

CLICK HERE to watch our welcome home celebration!

The words to the song:  Ken & Karen, you missionaries are the ones who are paddling the boat that leads to the light…

The Good News Club is enriched by the support and assistance of some fine young men and women. These Teen Leaders share a love for Christ and helping the little guys and gals understand by setting great examples. Pastor Gift has taken a lead in mentoring to these young leaders. You should see them absorb the lessons.

Couples Outreach

Each year we host a Couples Outreach in Zimko.  This year the CGWU team handles the job.  They went to Simoono.  Once again, the trip was a Zambian success.

Unless you have spent much time in the bush with the common folk and have attended church services or gatherings, this might not seem so strange.  But traditionally, the women sit on the right and the men on the left. LOOK HERE! Couples sitting together. I am amazed!

“The main problem discovered amongst couples in Zimko was communication and knowing your partner. It’s the challenge they are facing and Pastor Gift taught it well”

Michael Mumanga

“Simoono Couples conference was a massive success at the end of the meeting people where requesting to do more conferences like this. One couple came to me and asked me if I can be their mentor in there marriage! This was humbling to hear”

Gift Musantu

The Good News Club keeps on keeping on.

With Covid restrictions still in place we can only seat around 250 in each session. There are 2 sessions on Saturdays.

All of our staff dreams of visiting America.  Would you consider sponsoring one or two of them…or “all” of them next year???


Ken & Karen Buckner


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