Gary Kimple


My name is Gary Kimple.  I am a member of Palmetto Shores Church in Myrtle Beach, SC.  As a retired USMC vet, I have spent most of my adult life serving the Lord through various disaster relief and humanitarian assistance efforts all over the world.  Last year I ventured to Zambia to work with Come Go With US on a mission trip from my church. It was on this trip that our Lord Jesus Christ stirred in my heart a strong desire to come along and help Ken and Karen. After much prayer and the prompting of the Holy Spirit, I will be taking the next step to see what our Lord Jesus Christ would have me do.  I am particularly interested in the new work being planned for a remote bush area about 12 hours north of the CGWU base…and I look forward to journeying there to see how God can use me – hopefully assisting in that new ministry.