Pastor Francis Mataukanyuni

Francis's Children: Blessings, Adam, Grace, Favor, Patience & Deborah

Pastor Francis has been faithful to work with our pastors in training and outreach since 2015.  He also serves as lead pastor in 3 different rural churches; Kabondo, Sililo, and Kalundu Kabalongo.  Each of these churches are grateful for Pastor Francis, but none of them have any means to support his work.  ALL of his ministry costs are supplemented by CGWU – including a very small stipend to cover food and transportation when he makes his bi-monthly Sunday visits to each location.  His great need is for his children to continue to attend school.  2 of them have recently been accepted in college (which is a great achievement) and Francis would love to see them complete their educations.

Sponsoring an orphan is a fine thing to do.  Sponsoring a Pastor is, perhaps, even finer.

Please pray for Francis and God’s provision!


Deborah – 10 years old in grade 3.  School Fees $17 per yr

Adam – 12 years old in grade 7.  School Fees  $17 per year

Grace – 14 years old in grade 7.  School Fees  $57 per year

Favor – 16 years old in grade 12.  School Fees $57 per year

Patience – 18 years old college.  School Fees $620 per year

Blessings – 19 years old college.  School Fees $477 per yr