Join us on the mission field – in person.

Each year about a dozen mission teams travel to Zambia to assist us in our ministry.  People of every age and profession – from 16 to 80 – have come to play their role in this work and to experience the joy of ministering to their fellow man – sharing the saving grace of Jesus Christ and tending to the wounds and plights of some of God’s most gentle and gracious people.

The typical Come Go With Us mission trip consists of 2 weeks of intense interaction and adventure.  There will be at least (3) opportunities to minister in a village and/or to share life and build life-long relationships.  In some cases, there will be overnight camping (your choice) as we are often too far in the bush to come back to the base each day.

You will never be asked to do more than you are comfortable with – nor will your calling to reach out to the”uttermost parts of the earth” ever be diminished or ignored.  The ministry plans for your trip will be presented to you well in advance…and you will have ample time to learn about cross-cultural interactions and to get a “heads-up” on the unique nuances of culture, communications, and expectations of the Zambian people.

 Many Zambians have accepted the saving grace of Jesus Christ through the ministry of visiting mission teams and individuals.  Bible lessons, teaching, and preaching can be very powerful.  The ministry of  “The Jesus Film” is an awesome tool that we use to make a clear presentation of the Gospel…which nearly always results in “fruit”.  THIS IS WHY YOU ARE COMING!  Our staff and ministry partners will follow-up after your trip with these new converts and begin to minister to them with our Bible training and Discipleship programs.

Other activities at the base include at least (1) Saturday assisting with the Good News Club program where we share Jesus with over 400 local children and toddlers each week.  You will likely be asked to teach a lesson (we will help you) and/or to speak encouragement, share your testimony, and share your prayers and love with these children.  “NO, you cannot “have” any of these children (LOL)…we need them as they are the future of Zambia’s hope in Jesus Christ”. But you will fall in love with them and perhaps…you will develop a life-long relationship that you can nourish for years to come.

You will not be asked to return to the USA before having the “chance of a lifetime – bucket list opportunity” to experience – live and in-person – a “genuine” African Safari.  Within a 1-hour drive from our base is one of the world’s most prolific African game preserves.  All of God’s African creatures roam this vast game park and you will have the opportunity to roam along with them for a full day. You might even opt to camp overnight for an even “Grander” experience – as night creatures often show themselves long after the “day time tours” have come to an end.

We are also blessed to serve near one of God’s “7 Natural Wonders of the World” – Victoria Falls.  Our base is only 5 minutes from Vic Falls and no visitor should come this close without getting a chance to witness this magnificent sight.  The falls are breath-taking and the culture that surrounds them is amazing.  Plan to purchase a hand-carved African souvenir as there are many to choose from.

These are just a few of the “once-in-a-lifetime moments” that you can expect to experience when you come to Zambia on a 2-week mission trip.  There are certainly many more possible encounters…and you never know what “extra treats” God has in store for your team.  He never seems to fail to throw in a little extra “twist” – either for you or for those you come to serve.

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