Don Page

Here I am, Send ME!

My name is Don Page.  I have a heart to do service for The Lord. I have been blessed with various construction skills and want to give back those skills that I have been given. I realize all I have is given from the Lord and want to withhold nothing from Him.

Last year we had the wonderful privilege of hosting a team from Shadow Mountain Church in San Diego, California.  Don was a member of that team and fell in love with the ministry of CGWU.  THis year, SMC plans to bring a large team of 37 in July to infuse that church in what we do here and to help us meet our goals and ministry directives here.  They have a diverse group of teachers, pastor trainers, children ministry workers, evangelists…and in Don’s case, construction and all-around general mechanical and inventive experts.  With our current construction projects underway that MUST be completed prior to the big groups coming this summer, Don has offered to come a couple of months early to help us in any way he can to assist in these endeavors.  We SO welcome Don’s willingness to serve and pray that God richly blesses him with a great trip and great fruit of his talents.  I believe CGWU will be forever grateful for the service he is coming to explore.  The cool thing is, Don nor we, do not have a clear idea of just how much God’s plan for CGWU is about to unfold.  It will be exciting to see it materialize.  We will keep you posted.