PREVIEW of future church construction style. The Maloni Church will be twice as long.


We have surpassed our goal!

The next step is to secure the land.  Currently, we are awaiting feedback from the chief.  It looks like the land may come soon…but with some possible financial stipulations.

We wait for further developments.

The “compound” of Maloni is 1 mile from our base in Livingstone Zambia. There are 1500 households in Maloni with an average of 8-12 family members – resulting in a population of over 10,000.  From that population, we see over 600 kids each Saturday at the Good News Club.

For the past 3 years, the GNC has exhibited a major impact on the lives of these children – as well as positively impacting their other family members.  In the past 18 months, we have offered Bible Studies to the older boys, and older girls, and the men, and the women with good participation.

The people in Maloni that we have interviewed reveal an appreciation for our work in their community and vehemently implore us to start a church.  They say:

“we are happy with what you are teaching our children…what do you have for us?”

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So, we have decided

to plant a church

in Maloni!

The Plan:

Our proposal is to build a church within the proximity of Maloni that would be walking distance from their homes and away from the dangers of elephants that tend to roam the road between our base and Maloni.

  • We have expectations that the chief will donate sufficient land OR we can look into purchasing land commercially.  Either way, the cost is quite reasonable.
  • We experience over 500 children weekly who come to the GNC and are transported to our base.  We believe if there was a place closer to home, more of them would attend…and, therefore, the attendance of a weekly Sunday Service would be upwards of 300 – 500 easily.
  • The Good News Club would be relocated to the new structure that will have more (double) capacity (we already have to turn children away due to overcrowding and Covid-19 requirements).  This will provide a much safer commute for the children and relieve a tremendous and time “gobbling” effort to transport all these children to and from our place each week (currently takes over 2 hours each way). The GNC would be closer to the children and, therefore, more easily attended and – we believe – better attended.
  • We feel the design that we used to build the current shelter at our base is the best way to approach a church structure in Maloni as it is much cheaper and much more secure and stronger than a typical “stick-built” building.  Since we would utilize 40 ft shipping containers as the main structure, we would also have natural (easily built-in) options for several secure and strong class-rooms that could be easily and economically partitioned within the containers.
  • Our plan is to use (5) 40ft shipping containers in the shape of a “U” under an open-air steel truss metal roof structure – just like the one we built at our base 3 years ago.
  • We estimate the total cost to build this church structure to be just under $30,000.
  • We have already received a commitment of (5) 40 ft shipping containers for $0,000 (that means FREE!!!)… therefore, we can subtract $15,000 from the total cost – leaving a need of about $15,000 to build a very substantial and secure building that would serve as the focal point for sharing the Gospel for the residents of Maloni.
  • The initial pastoral and teaching staff would evolve from our current staff of 10 which includes 2 pastors as well as those pastors from a pool of over 40 local and rural pastors with whom we have a current working/training relationship.  We would concentrate on sound Biblical teaching – beginning with the very basic foundation of Christianity and Salvation – concentrating on Bible studies, Bible training and community outreach that would be conducted by our pool of pastors, teachers, trainees, and visiting American mission teams.  Most of these efforts have already been in place for the past 2+ years.
  • This would not diminish the value of our current shelter as it is already heavily utilized for Pastor, Discipleship, and Bible training and serves as a shelter and secure parking space for our 6 vehicles…Also, having it free on weekends increases our opportunities for more training and conferences for these students.
EXAMPLE: This Shelter utilizes (2) 8' X 40" shipping containers with an open-air metal roof.