Landcruiser Repairs


This vehicle is the Heart and Soul of our ministry outreach in the Zambian Bush.  It has served us faithfully since we purchased it in 2010 where it had reached its End-of-Life…or so we thought.  Many repairs, a rebuilt engine, numerous replaced parts, and upgrades to the suspension, tires, and frame has transformed it into a “BEAST” in the Bush.  BUT, it is still a 1999 vehicle.  It has well over 500,000 kilometers on the “clock” and is showing many signs of fatigue.  There are cracks in the frame and in vital body sections, the Air Conditioner is “shot” and it just needs a general upgrade.  It is currently with our mechanic in the capital city of Lusaka and has been inspected to-to-bottom.  The estimated cost to

The initial total cost to get the Landcruiser out of the garage is $3200.