As a means of helping vulnerable widows and rural churches that have little or no means of supporting themselves, we want to build a heard of GOATS to be used as donations.  Two goats will lead to 6 after one year and after 2 years, can begin to generate income.  It is easy to hand out money, but we are not interested in creating “dependency”.  Providing a couple of goats to a widow or a struggling church can quickly become a source of regenerating income that is desperately needed in this 3rd world poverty-stricken nation.  Donating pairs of young goats can go a long way to helping lift the vulnerable out of the mire of poverty.

The initial need was for $1000 to cover the expense of the first 10 goats and a pen for them to live in.  That part is complete.  Now we need to get more goats (in pairs).  We plan to start with a herd of around 40-50 goats.  Baby goats cost $25/pair.