The Come Go With Us STAFF!

Bertha Libindo started with us in 2009.  She has faithfully served a vital role as our guesthouse housekeeper, interpreter, cook and joins with us when teams are here to help serve in any way she can.  We rely on her honesty and her ability to help us merge our crazy American ways with the Zambian people.

We have known George Kashongo since 2008.  In 2014, he came to work with CGWU and earned a diploma in Automotive Engineering.  Since then he has been our ministry mechanic and all-around evangelist, teacher, and ministry leader.  He also serves as the ministry administrator in our (30 church) region we call ZIMKO.

We met Nanoka Simataa (Nono) in 2008 on our first trip to Zambia.  After gaining a Journalism degree, she came to work with us in 2015.  She is a gifted teacher and a valuable interpreter.  In 2018 she was promoted to director of the Good News Club and continues to serve with distinction.

Michael Mumanga has cut his teeth as an entrepreneur and a businessman in the community.  His unique giftedness in business administration has made him a valuable asset to our organization.

Brighton Mapulanga brings a gentle demeanor and a wealth of skills in photography, videography, and video editing.  He has made a tremendous impact in helping to communicate our ministry to the world.  He also does a great job teaching and hosting Bible studies with men.

Jesper Maiba came to us in 2014 as a gardener and general yard worker.  His spiritual growth is captivating.  He volunteers with the Good News Club and serves without pay any time we have a need for extra people.

Given Kangumbe is in charge of night-time security.  He has served in this capacity faithfully for 3 years.  He is also the choir director for the Good News Club and wrote and performed the Come Go With Us theme song.

Come Go With Us Theme Song

Howard Libindo began with us as a part-timer in 2017 and well…he just never left.  Now, we cannot do without him.  His dedication to hard and honest work is infectious – leading to a promise of greater things to come. His dream is to become a pastor.

Collins Mulenga is also one we have known since 2008.   He grew up in an orphanage and is seeking his destiny. We offered him part-time work which continues to increase as he continues to prove his worth.