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Lake Kariba is one of the most vital geological treasures in Zambia…and a most essential resource.  Zambia depends primarily on hydroelectric power to produce about 85% of the country’s electricity needs and about 25% of Zambia’s total need.  Twice since we began residing in Zambia (16 years ago) we have seen the water levels of Lake Kariba drop significantly due to drought.  The last drought in 2015 led to power black-outs throughout the country at a rate of nearly 12 hours every day.  That lasted for about 4-6 months.  This month marks the second full month of “load shedding” for the 2024 drought…and once again, we are experiencing significant power shortages.  The prognosis is quite bleak – as load shedding is expected to continue into 2025.  That means a significant shift in our operating strategies. Currently, we are managing very well.  Since we loose power for about 12 hours every day – usually in the day time – we have a primary generator and a secondary back-up unit along with a new solar panel system that we are just beginning to utilize.  This is all well and good unless we loose one of these systems.

We are asking for a 3-part prayer (Parts A – C).

Part A  – that our generator systems remain producing and that we maintain proper service and maintenance to continue our current ministry levels.

Since this situation requires additional costs associated with our daily operating expenses, part B of our prayer request is that we can receive some extra coins to help us meet these additional costs.

Then, part C of our prayer request is that Zambia receives a great rainy season.  The country normally sees ZERO rains from now until the next rainy season starts – as early as November.

To donate to this cause, click on the image below that shows Lake Kariba today.

By April 8, 2024, the Zambezi River Authority, which owns and manages Lake Kariba, announced that water in the lake had dropped to just 13.52 per cent of its capacity


Starting in late FALL of 2023 we began to publish needs for financial assistance to produce multiple Soccer Tournaments this year in Zambia.  With a recent commitment and the tremendous response we received from all of you, we have surpassed our “goal” for 2024.

Get it?? “GOAL!!!”

Second time was a charm!

The third borehole of 2024 is finally producing water.  After failing the first time, we upped the ante and brought in the “BIG GUN”.  And, now Kabuyu church has its very own borehole.  Stand by for the lastest update showing the installation of their hand pump and the first drops of good clean water.  Next year – even if there is a drought – they will have the means to irrigate the church’s maize field.

We continue to encounter missionaries with non-ministry related backgrounds

Travis Marshall visited for the second time to share his talents with still and film photography  – including his special skills in operating a drone.  His purpose is to help us capture the essence of the ministry field so we can better relate to you.  His ministry – through his camera – brings you closer to the people you help lead to the Lord through YOUR continued financial and prayerful support of this ministry.

Spotlight Novich Mweene!

Meet Novich.  He is currently serving part-time but leaves a “full-time” footprint.  His specialty is landscaping and gardening.  When you visit you will see the results of his handiwork.  He also helps out in many other areas – like in this photo – helping set up the temporary Good News Club shelter at the new property.  He says he could “beat me” but I’m usually so busy there is just no time to “put him properly in his place”…LOL!!!

Victoria Falls - a Natural Wonder...

One of the 7 Natural Wonders Of The World, Victoria Falls is magnificent. 

The waterfall stands at an altitude of about 915 m above mean sea level and spans to about 1708 m wide with an average depth of 100 m and the deepest point being 108 m. Sprays from this giant waterfall can be seen from a distance of 30 km from the Lusaka road, Zambia and 50 km from Bulawayo road, Zimbabwe.

At certain times it can produce as many as 3 rainbows in perfect circles…and it is about 5 miles form our house…Pretty Cool!

Mukalahani is progressing.

Anxious Mweene (no relation to Novice) is the village head man...and is very committed.

At first, they were quiet & shy.  But after 3 years of consistent weekly Bible studies, they are opening up to us and regard us as family.

This is Elvis - a severe quadriplegic - he loves to come to the weekly Bible study.

Happy Birthday
Tayler Meyers

The INTERN VILLAGE is taking shape.


Church Of Life ministers to sister church in Kabondo.

THE Kabondo church is one of our churches that is struggling – a lot of turmoil and attack from satan.  3 men from the Church of Life,  with Pastor Gift Musantu,  traveled to Kabondo for a visit of encouragement and brotherly support.  Darius Siabana (C.O.L. member) preached a great sermon and the folks at Kobondo went home knowing the Church of Life has their backs.

The effects of the drought are found almost everywhere!

Elephant footprints in the Maize field. The Zambian farmer has a lot to contend with. The drought is hard enough...but had this field not been taken by the drought, these rarely seen Elephants would have done just as much harm.

Other notable moments in April

The 2024 CGWU Bible Drive continues until July 4th 2024

It is time, once again, to gather up all those (NEW OR GENTLY USED)extra Bibles lying around collecting dust…those left behind in the pews of your church…or just go out and buy a bunch of Bibles and send them in a drum to us here in this place where one in 50 actually have a Bible they can read.

Look for our 2024 Bible Drive to crank up any day now..



Ken & Karen